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Successful project management requires team leadership and coordination, project planning, and effective understanding of the delivery process. When planning a project we will follow standard project management protocols and each project will go through below key phases:

Planning and development:

After the high level planning done during project initiation, a more detailed phase of planning and development is carried out. We mainly focus on ensuring that time, cost and resources are sensibly managed and available, and are committed to the project. This enables us to execute the plan in a better way.


Production and implementation:

The production and implementation stage is when the project plan is put into action by implementing the processes outlined. At this point any deliverables are produced as defined by the project plan.

At this stage, it is important to ensure that the project remains focused on its objectives and that any factors which could affect the execution of the project are closely monitored.

Monitoring and controlling:

Throughout the production and implementation stage the ongoing progress of the project must be monitored.

Project performance should be regularly observed and measured against the predicted expectations of the project plan, as well as the defined quality standards.



Go-Live and Sign Off:

Go Live is the last phase of any project and is when the work done is formally accepted.

Closure will always be accompanied by a project review or ‘lessons learned’ exercise and delivery of any relevant project documents, which can be used as reference for future projects, plans and also maintenance.

Nevertheless, we know that every project is unique in its own way and we believe in making a tailored plan for individual project.

SDLC Project Management

Our consultants are Project Management Professionals who have successfully managed many BI projects. In addition to this we understand that Agile Project Management is also in line to some companies working philosophy. Hence with this knowledge, InfoVille Solution consultants bring specific advantages to their clients in assessing radical and urgent issues to be addressed and the right kind of approach to project management which includes :

  • Proven ability to identify and fully engage through the life cycle of the project
  • Project sponsor, business representatives, and subject-matter experts for the business processes impacted by the BI project.
  • Believe that incorporating change management at every phase of a project is an imperative, since BI projects (like any IT project) always create change in both IT and the business.
  • We follow a full scale change management methodology in collaboration with the business teams and stakeholders to make any change in the business IT systems are well understood and received by the operational teams. A smooth transition entails and ensures the success of any strategic initiative.
  • Determination to make knowledge transfer an ongoing component of the project, not a task to be completed at the end of the project.
Project Management

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